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Conventional approaches have been focused on making filters tighter, but filter media can only be made so small before becoming difficult to move air effectively or efficiently.

The air you breathe contains particles that are too microscopic to see or even sense. 

Is the air you are breathing 


New Paradigm
New Technology
New Capability


Atmofizer uses a revolutionary technology to reduce nanoparticles by agglomerating them into larger, aggregated clusters.

Acoustic Difference

Atmofizer units use acoustics to agglomerate ultra-fine particles — using sound waves to manipulate airborne particles, including viruses and bacteria, making particles combine into bigger clusters (or agglomerates). These agglomerates are much larger so they are easier for ultraviolet waves to target. This allows Ultraviolet light to destroy or deactivate particles more efficiently.


Using Atmofizer’s ultra-fine particle agglomeration engines in tandem with filters can make filters work more efficiently, enable the use of less-expensive filters, and result in cleaner, longer-lasting filters that reduces operating costs and are less of a health hazard to clean or replace.

Rapid Reduction

While MERV and HEPA filters are only able to capture particles efficiently down to 300nm and 10nm respectively the Atmofizer technology is able to rapidly reduce airborne ultra fine particles — with no disposable filters and low maintenance.

What we have seen, learned, and experienced during the development and testing of the Atmofizer science has continuously strengthened our convictions in our belief that the most promising means for addressing ultra-fine particles, viruses, and bacteria is by agglomerating these smaller particles into larger targets.

Licensing & Integration

Atmofizers can be found in consumer and industrial air purification products manufactured by the Atmofizer Technologies, as well as in consumer and industrial devices produced by other companies that license and integrate Atmofizer technology into their own products.  


New use-case or industry-specific product lines are developed in partnership with people and organizations that possess recognized credibility, expertise, brand identity, manufacturing capabilities, and / or strong distribution networks. These alliances will effectively and efficiently accelerate the design and manufacture of innovative, practical new products to help make the air we breathe cleaner.



Consumer/Industrial Devices that can be unboxed, powered-on, and are ready to use


Aftermarket kits that enable technicians to add Atmofizer components into pre-existing ventilation systems


OEM Integration where other brands manufacture equipment that contain an Atmofizer system designed and built directly into their product.

How Atmofizer Technology Delivers Better Performance and Value

Atmofizer Benefits

How Atmofizer Technology Delivers Better Performance and Value

  • Uses acoustic agglomeration to cluster nanoparticles

  • Cleans Ultra-Fine Particles (UFP)

  • Uses combined UV-C and UV-A light to destroy and deactivate particles

  • No disposable filters

  • UL Certified

  • Tested in Independent American laboratories

  • No routine maintenance required 


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