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Atmofizer Technologies Inc. is a clean technology company focused on making air and water safer for people and the environment.

The air we breathe has never been at the front of our minds as it is today.  The danger in the air is a serious risk that extends well beyond COVID-19.  We are driven by our research and our beliefs — that pollution, fire smoke, and a wide array of other contagious airborne diseases are a real problem worldwide… and the traditional methods of addressing these threats are inadequate to provide the level of safety many people may falsely believe they have.

This is why we are bringing Atmofizer to the world.  This patented disruptive new technology is built on revolutionary application of sound and light to neutralize dangerous and elusive nano-scale airborne particles, viruses, and bacteria too small to be efficiently destroyed by conventional filters and ultraviolet lights.

Some of the most unhealthy things you can inhale are too microscopic to see or even sense. 

These nanoparticles are so small they can enter your bloodstream through the lungs.

Is the air you are breathing 


New Paradigm
New Technology
New Capability


Atmofizer’s patented ultra-fine particle agglomeration technology provides a revolutionary method for mitigating the threat of dangerous nano-scale particles, viruses, and bacteria too small to be optimally managed by traditional filters or UV lights to remove these hazards from breathable air in environments such as offices, schools, homes, places of worship, entertainment venues, hotels, and restaurants.

Acoustic Difference

Unlike any other air purification technology, Atmofizer units use acoustics to agglomerate ultra-fine particles — using sound waves to manipulate nano-scale airborne particles, including viruses and bacteria, making particles as small as 1nm combine into bigger clusters (or agglomerates). These agglomerates are much larger so they are easier for ultraviolet waves to target. This allows the ultraviolet light to destroy or deactivate particles it would not otherwise be able to reach.


Atmofizing the air refers to the process of using ultrasonic acoustic waves to agglomerate (cluster together) small particles into a larger target that is then radiated by ultraviolet light to neutralize their harmful properties, making the air you breathe less hazardous to your health.  Using Atmofizer ultra-fine particle agglomeration engines in tandem with HEPA filters can make the HEPA filters work more efficiently, enable the use of a less-expensive filter, and result in a cleaner, longer-lasting filter that reduces operating costs and is less of a health hazard to clean or replace.

Deadly Destruction

While MERV and HEPA filters are only able to capture particles efficiently down to 300nm and 10nm respectively the Atmofizer technology is able to destroy and deactivate deadly ultra fine particles as small as 1nm — with no disposable filter or maintenance required.

What we have seen, learned, and experienced during the development and testing of the Atmofizer science has continuously strengthened our convictions in our belief the most promising means for addressing ultra-fine particles, viruses, and bacteria is by agglomerating these microscopic hazards into targets that can be more efficiently captured and effectively destroyed.

Licensing & Integration

Atmofizers can be found in consumer and industrial air purification products manufactured by the Atmofizer Technologies, as well as in consumer and industrial devices produced by other companies that license and integrate Atmofizer technology into their own products.  


New use-case or industry-specific product lines are developed in partnership with people and organizations that possess recognized credibility, expertise, brand identity, manufacturing capabilities, and / or strong distribution networks that will effectively and efficiently accelerate the design and manufacture of innovative, practical new products to help make the air we breathe safer.



Consumer/Industrial Devices that can be unboxed, powered-on, and are ready to use


Aftermarket kits that enable technicians to add Atmofizer components into pre-existing ventilation systems


OEM Integration where other brands manufacture equipment that contain an Atmofizer system designed and built directly into their product.

How Atmofizer Technology Delivers Better Performance and Value

Atmofizer Benefits

How Atmofizer Technology Delivers Better Performance and Value

  • Uses acoustic agglomeration to cluster particles as small as 1nm

  • Neutralizes Ultra-Fine Particles (UFP)

  • Uses combined UV-C and UV-A light to destroy and deactivate particles

  • No disposable filters

  • UL Certified

  • Tested in Independent American laboratories

  • No routine maintenance required 

Independent Laboratory
Test Results


Klebsiella reduction above natural reduction rate 


Staphylococcus aureus reduction above natural reduction rate 


PhiX-174 reduction above natural reduction rate 


Phi6 reduction above natural reduction rate 


MS2 reduction above natural reduction rate


UL verified for PhiX-174 and Staphylococcus aureus


UL certified for safety


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